72 Reasons Why Cats Are Similar To Human Beings

1. Our House – Some cats live in houses and so do some humans.

2. A-mammals – Cats are mammals and so are humans.

3. Deity – Cats were once worshipped as gods and humans can also be worshipped as gods.

4. Rest In Peace – Cats used to be buried with their owners after death in Egyptian times and humans can also be buried after death.

5. Fe-limbs – Cats have four limbs and so do humans.

6. Fe-spines – Humans have spines and so do cats.

7. Cats Eyes – Cats have two eyes and so do humans.

8. Boney Eyed – Humans have eyes sockets and so do cats.

9. Tip Toe – Cats have toes and so do humans.

10. You’re So Nosey – Humans have a nose and so do cats.

11. Bite – Cats have canine teeth and so do humans.

12. Feline Fingers – Cats have five claws on their forepaws and humans have five fingers on each of their hands.

13. Wrists – Cats have wrists and so do humans.

14. Carnivorous Cats – Humans eat meat and so do cats.

15. Clever Cat – Some cats have learnt to use door and toilet handles and humans can use these too.

16. Spectrum Of Sound – Cats can communicate using lots of different sounds and so can humans.

17. Lone Cat – Some cats are independent and so are some humans.

18. Appearance – The posture of cats change with their mood and this can be said for humans also.

19. Trying For A Kitten – A male cat (or tomcat) may not be able to make a female cat (or queen) pregnant, this can also be said for humans.

20. Litter Of Kittens – A cat in a litter can produce between 3 and 6 kittens, this can also be said for humans.

21. Kit Kat – Cats have tongues and so do humans.

22. Hairy Cat – Humans have hair and so do cats.

23. Curiosity Killed The Cat – Cats can go to the toilet in the same ways as humans. (You know what I mean!)

24. Pussycat – Kitten’s play and so do babies.

25. A Cat’s Life Lessons – Kitten’s learn new things and so do babies.

26. Cats Got Their Backs – Cats are not pack animals and they like to do their own thing, which can be said for some humans.

27. Leaving Home – Cats can leave their homes and find their way back again, just like humans can.

28. Seeing The Sights – Humans can recognise their surroundings, just like cats can.

29. Lost In The Wilderness – Cats can also get lost, like humans can.

30. Looking Good – Humans groom themselves and so do cats.

31. Cat Comb – Cats brush their hair and so do humans.

32. Sicky Cat – Humans can vomit and so can cats.

33. Meal-line – Cats eat manufactured food and so do humans.

34. Kitty Kat – Humans can eat organic food and so can cats.

35. Weight-kitties – Cats can eat diet food and so can humans.

36. Cat Sip – Humans drink water and milk and so do cats.

37. Blind – Cats can be blind and so can humans.

38. Fat Cat – Cats can become overweight and so can humans.

39. Cat’s Heart – Humans can have heart problems and so can cats.

40. We All Look Different – There are lots of different types of cats and there are lots of different types of humans.

41. Sulky Cat – Cats can sulk with you and so can humans.

42. Cuddly Cat – Humans cuddle you and so do cats.

43. Licky Kitty – Cats can lick you and so can humans.

44. Feisty Cat – Humans can bite you and so can cats.

45. Cat Scratcher – Cats can scratch you and so can humans.

46. Diva Cat – Humans can be divas and so can cats.

47. Rat Killer – Cats can kill rodents and so can humans.

48. Pest Control – Humans can kill insects and so can cats.

49. Movie Star Kitty – Cats are in films and so are humans.

50. Cats – Humans are in musicals and so are cats.

51. Kitty Cat Channel – Cats are in television programmes and so are humans.

52. The Cat Magazine – Humans are written about in books and so are cats.

53. Birthday Cat – Cats have birthdays and so do humans.

54. Celebrate Good Cats – Cats get given gifts at Christmas, on their birthdays and at Easter, and so do humans.

55. Smelly Cat – Cats can smell and so can humans.

56. Tasty Cat – Humans can taste and so can cats.

57. Felty Cat – Cats can feel and so can humans.

58. Cat Hears – Humans can hear and so can cats.

59. If I Only Had A Brain – Cats have a brain and so do humans.

60. La-La-La-Larynx – Humans have a larynx and so do cats.

61. Endor-felines – Cats release endorphins and so do humans.

62. Catch My Breath – Humans breathe and so do cats.

63. Cough Cough – Cats have throats and so do humans.

64. Gulp – Humans swallow and so do cats.

65. Cat Was Sitting In A Bush And It Just Went Woosh – Cats can get diarrhea and so can humans.

66. Intest-felines – Humans have small intestines and so do cats.

67. Jump, For My Love – Cats can jump and so can humans.

68. Bleeding Your Love – Humans have blood in their bodies and so do cats.

69. Pucker Up Your Lips, Like’a ‘Dis – Cats have lips and so do humans.

70. Unhappy Cat – Humans can have depression and so can cats.

71. Anxious Kitty – Cats can have high anxiety and so can humans.

71. Bed Ridden – Some cats sleep in beds and so do some humans.

72. Kitty Illness – Cats can get leukemia and so can humans.


Picture: http://images5.fanpop.com/image/photos/28500000/Cats-cats-28572014-1600-1200.jpg




13 Reasons Why Cassowary Are Similar To Human Beings

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1. Flightless Bird – Cassowaries are the large birds but unfortunately they cannot fly. Humans can’t fly either.

2. Bipedded Birdy – A cassowary has two legs and so do humans.

3. Look Around – Cassowary have two eyes and so do humans.

4. How Tall Are You? –  The average human being’s height is usually between 5ft and 6ft, this can also be said for the cassowary.

5. Fish In The Water – Cassowary can swim and so can some humans.

6. Crooning – A cassowary can make low sounds to communicate and so can humans.

7. All By Myself – Some cassowary live on their own as do some humans.

8. French Cuisine – Humans eat snails and so do cassowary.

9. Five A Day – Cassowary eat fruit and so do humans.

10. Beep! Beep! – Cars are a big danger to cassowary and this could also be said for humans.

11. Pop Stars – There is a song or two that has been written about cassowaries and there are definitely a few that have been written about humans!

12. Pen To Paper – There are book that have been written about humans, but also, there are books that have been written about cassowaries.

13. Cassow-art-y – Cassowaries have drawings and paintings depicting them, as well as humans having this too.


Picture: http://pensivetoaster.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/courtesy-of-creepyanimals.jpg



Round-Up – B

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Round-Up – A

I’m going to university in a few days so I would like to summarise each letter that I have covered before I go.

I’ll try and post as regularly as I can, but unfortunately I can’t make any promises!

So here is the list of animals beginning with the letter “A” in order of how similar they are to human beings:

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6. Alpaca – https://humanimalsblog.wordpress.com/2014/02/24/8-reasons-why-alpacas-are-similar-to-human-beings/ (8 Reasons)

So in conclusion the animals that are most similar to humans, beginning with the letter “A”, are apes and the least like us are alpacas.

21 Reasons Why Caribou Are Similar To Human Beings

1. I Hear You – Caribou have two ears and so do humans.

2. I Can See That – Caribou have two eyes and so do humans.

3. Limpy Limbs – Humans have four limbs and so do caribou.

4. Chew On You – Caribou have a mouths and so do humans.

5. Snuffle Snuffle – Caribou have a nose and so do humans.

6. Marathon – Humans can travel long distances and so can caribou.

7. Furry Things – Caribou have body hair and so do humans.

8. Cold Feet – Caribou can travel through deep snow and so can humans.

9. The Ancients – Humans have been around for thousands of years and so have caribou.

10. Little Shy Guys – Caribou seem very humble and so do some humans.

11. Don’t Bug Me – Caribou can get pestered and killed by bugs and so can humans.

12. Caribou Paddle – Humans can swim and so can caribou.

13. Get Used To It – Caribou have changed to adapt to different environments and so have humans.

14. Gotta Get Bigger – Caribou have evolved and so have humans.

15. Antler-less – Some caribou don’t have antlers and neither do humans.

16. Crack The Ice – Caribou can dig through snow to find the lichen which they feed on, this is called “cratering”. Humans can also dig through snow.

17. Knee-High Kicks – Humans have knees and so do caribou.

18. Myths and Legends – Caribou appear in Inuit tales and so do humans.

19. Two Sides Of The Same Coin – A caribou’s face is depicted of one side of a Canadian 25 cent coin and a human face also appears on the other side of this coin.

20. Words About Me – Caribou are written about in books and so are humans.

21. Art – Caribou are depicted in Inuit carvings and drawings and so are humans.


Picture: http://www.nature.org/newsfeatures/specialfeatures/animals/mammals/caribou.xml

Film: https://www.nfb.ca/film/being_caribou


19 Reasons Why Capybara Are Similar To Human Beings

1. One With Nature  Capybara live in forests and so do some humans.

2. Chew Chew – Capybara have molar teeth and so do humans.

3. Blink Blink – Humans have two eyes and so do capybara.

4. Nod Nod – Capybara have a head and so do humans.

5. Stink Lines – Capybara have sweat glands and so do humans.

6. Furry Skin – Humans have body hair and so do capybara.

7. Double The Sound – Capybara have two ears and so do humans.

8. Quadruple The Limbs – Capybara have four limbs and so do humans.

9. Disproportioned – Human legs are longer than our arms, this is the same for capybara as their hind legs are slightly longer than their forelegs.

10. Five A Day – Capybara eat fruit and so do humans.

11. Choosy Choosers – Capybara are very selective about what they eat, and humans can also be like this.

12. With A Few Good Friends – Humans can live alone or in groups and so can capybara.

13. Who’s In Charge? – Capybara create hierarchies in their groups and humans also have this in society.

14. Hopscotch – Young capybara play and so do human children.

15. What A Racket! – Capybara can communicate using sounds and so can humans.

16. Like A Fish – Capybara can swim and so can some humans.

17. Alloparenting – “Alloparenting” is apparent in capybara which means that other capybara, that are not the pup’s parent, can look after it. This can also happen with humans. For example: grandparents can take over the role of a guardian and this is called a “skipped generation household.”

18. Live Indoors – Although it is illegal in some places, capybara can be kept as pets, which means that they can be domesticated. Humans are also domesticated.

19. Important Papers – Drusillas Park in Alfriston, Sussex have kept a record of all births, deaths and movements of the capybara that they have there. Humans also have this information documented.


Picture: http://www.animalcorner.co.uk/rainforests/capybara.html



20 Reasons Why Camels Are Similar To Human Beings


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1. Heigh Ho – Camels can carry goods and so can humans.


2. I’m Tame – Camels are domesticated and so are humans.


3. Too Darn Hot – A camels body temperature ranges from between 34°C and rises to 40°C by sunset. Humans average body temperature is 37°C.


4. Sweaty Betty – Camels can sweat and so can humans.


5. Long Limbed – Humans have four limbs and so do camels.


6. Mouthy Ones – Camels have mouths and so do humans.


7. Flutter Those Eyes – Camels have eyelashes and so do humans.


8. V-ear-y H-ear-y Ears – Humans have ear hair and so do camels.


9. I Can’t Breathe! – Camels have nostrils that can close and so do humans.


10. Close Your Eyes – Camels have eyelids and so do humans.


11. Organs – Humans have kidneys and so do camels.


12. Digestion – Camels have intestines and so do humans.


13. Master Traders – Camels help facilitate trade and humans also do this.


14. Shake That Head – Humans have necks and so do camels.


15. For Queen And Country – Camels have fought in wars and so have humans.


16. So Boney – Camels have ribs and so do humans.


17. Nasty Habit – Humans can spit and so can camels.


18. Sniff Sniff – Camels have a nose and so do humans.


19. I’m Listening – Camels have two ears and so do humans.


20. I Can See Clearly Now – Camels have two eyes and so do humans.


Picture: http://www.acerlux.com/miscfacts/camelmeat.html