13 Reasons Why Clams Are Similar To Human Beings

1. Lifelong Clams – Some clams can live as long as humans can.

2. Clam-mer Through The Water – Some clams can swim and so can some humans.

3. Ligaments – Humans have ligaments and so do clams.

4. Head In The Sand – Clams can bury themselves in sand and so can humans.

5. Heartbeat – Humans have a heart and so do clams.

6. Clammy Kidneys – Clams have kidneys and so do humans.

7. Clam Up – Humans have a mouth and so do clams.

8. Rumbly Tummy – Clams have a stomach and so do humans.

9. Nervous System – Humans have a nervous system and so do clams.

10. Cla-muse – Clams have been painted in art and so have humans.

11. Adductor Muscles – Humans have adductor muscles, (which is a muscle that, when it contracts, moves another part of the body) and so do clams.

12. Deep Sea Diving – Clams can breathe underwater and so can humans.

13. Lots Of Eyes – Humans have eyes and so do some clams.


Picture: http://www.fastcoexist.com/1679769/electric-clams-pave-the-way-for-turning-the-human-body-into-a-power-plant







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