16 Reasons Why Choughs Are Similar To Human Beings

1. Long Legs – Choughs have two legs and so do humans.

2. Beady Eyes – Humans have two eyes and so do choughs.

3. Monogamous – When chough mate they stay together for life and so do some humans.

4. Lay A Little Egg For Me – Chough can have between three and five eggs and humans can also give birth to these amounts of babies.

5. Tonsillitis – Choughs have tongues and so do humans.

6. Whistle Down The Wind – Chough can whistle and so can humans.

7. Luxury – Choughs have been known to nest in buildings, and humans also sleep and raise their young in buildings.

8. French Cuisine – Humans eat snails, berries and fruit and so do choughs.

9. Bleeding Your Love – Choughs have blood in their bodies and so do humans.

10. Coat Of Arms – A chough is depicted in the Cornish Coat of Arms and illustrations of humans are also used in this way.

11. Thieves – Choughs have been known to steal objects from houses and so have humans.

12. Pyromaniacs – Humans have used fire to set alight to things and so have choughs.

13. Literature – Choughs have been written about in books and so have humans.

14. Concerto – Humans have been the inspiration for a piece of composed music and so have choughs.

15. Listen Baby – Choughs can hear and so can humans.

16. Taste Buds – Humans can taste and so can choughs.


Picture: http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/legacy/autumnwatch/2009/11/why_the_beach_is_at_its_best_i.html



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