33 Reasons Why Chinchillas Are Similar To Human Beings

1. Chin-hill-as – Chinchillas can survive in altitudes of up to 5,000 metres above sea level and so can humans.

2. Four Chin-limb-as – Humans have four limbs and so do chinchillas.

3. Large Ears – Chinchillas have two ears and so do humans.

4. Chin-hear-as – Humans can hear and so can chinchillas.

5. Famous Chinchillas – Chinchillas are written about in books and so are humans.

6. Broad Shoulders – Humans have shoulders and so do chinchillas.

7. Chill-Your Neck-As – Chinchillas have necks and so do humans.

8. Jump For My Love – Humans can jump and so can chinchillas.

9. Fruity Raisins – Chinchillas eat fruit and raisins, and so do humans.

10. Crossed Eyed – Humans have two eyes and so do chinchillas.

11. Seen-chillas – Chinchillas can see and so can humans.

12. Broody Breeders – Humans can breed at any time of year and so can chinchillas.

13. Cardio Chinchillas – Chinchillas exercise and so do humans.

14. Chin-chompers – Humans have teeth and so do chinchillas.

15. Chip-chillas  – Chinchillas teeth grow and so do humans.

16. Bloody Blood – Humans have blood in their bodies and so do chinchillas.

17. Clean Chinchillas – Chinchillas groom themselves and so do humans.

18. Chin-livers – Humans have a liver and so do chinchillas.

19. Diabetic – Chinchillas can get diabetes and so can humans.

20. Poorly Tummy – Humans can get diarrhea and so can chinchillas.

21. Cochlea – Chinchillas have a cochlea, that is a part of the inner ear, which is of a similar size to humans.

22. Don’t Cry – Humans can get watery eyes and so can chinchillas.

23. Gummy Gums – Chinchillas can get gum disease and so can humans.

24. Dentist – Humans dental problems can be hereditary and so can chinchillas.

25. Fractured Bones – Chinchillas can get bone fractures and so can humans.

26. Remedies – Chinchillas small wounds can be treated with ointment and so can humans.

27. Cast-chillas – Humans may have their fractured bones put into a cast and so will chinchillas.

28. Temperature – Chinchillas can get a fever and so can humans.

29. Nosy Parker – Humans have a nose and so do chinchillas.

30. Smelly Chin – Chinchillas can smell and so can humans.

31. Stressed Out – Humans can get stressed and so can chinchillas.

32. Antibiotics – Chinchillas can take antibiotics and so can humans.

33. Drunk Chinchillas – Chinchillas drink and so do humans.


Picture: http://www.tehcute.com/chinchilla-eating-a-piece-of-kiwi.html





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