38 Reasons Why Chickens Are Similar To Human Beings

1. Blink Blink – Chickens have two eyes and so do humans.

2. Chicken Lickin’ – Humans have tongues and so do chickens.

3. Walk Like A Rooster – Chickens have two legs and so do humans.

4. Chicken Coop – Humans are domesticated and so are chickens.

5. Ch-kick-ens – Chickens sometimes fight and so do humans.

6. Om-nomnivores – Humans are omnivores and so are chickens.

7. Stuck Out My Neck – Chickens have necks and so do humans.

8. Chicken Looks – Humans can see and so can chickens.

9. Tasty Goodness – Chickens can taste and so can humans.

10. Sore Throat – Humans have a throat and so do chickens.

11. Gendered – Chickens can be male or female and so can humans.

12. Animal Farm – Chickens have a social hierarchy that they use when they are in groups; this is referred to as a “pecking order”. Humans also have a social hierarchy to determine who has more power in a group situation.

13. Ouch-icken – Chickens can injure themselves and so can humans.

14. Foragers – Humans help their young to find food to eat and chickens do this too.

15. Chirpy Chicken – Chickens can cluck and so can humans.

16. Clucky Date – Humans court each other and so do chickens.

17. Funky Chicken – Chickens can dance together, in something called a “circle dance” and humans can also dance together.

18. Cheeky Chicks – Humans can be broody and so can chickens.

19. Chomp Down Chicken – Chickens eat and so do humans.

20. Drink Up Chicken – Humans drink and so do chickens.

21. Babies – Female chickens have eggs that, when they are fertilised, will begin the process of creating a chick. Humans also have eggs that, when fertilised by a male, go through the same procedure towards making a baby.

22. John Fallon – A scientist called John Fallon experimented on chickens and found that a gene had the ability to grow teeth. Humans also have the ability to grow teeth.

23. Tailless – A type of chicken called the “Araucana” hasn’t got a tail. Humans do not have tails either.

24. Deoxyribonucleic Acid – Chickens have DNA and so do humans.

25. Chicken From The Block – Chickens can live in suburban and urban residential areas and so can humans.

26. Incubator – Humans can incubate chicken eggs and so can chickens.

27. Breathe In Chick – Chickens breathe in oxygen and so do humans.

28. Bleeding Chicken – Humans have blood in their bodies and so do chickens.

29. Chickenpox – Chickens can get infected with lice, fleas and ticks and so can humans.

30. Novel Chick – Humans have been written about in books and so have chickens.

31. Chicken Run – Chickens have been depicted in films and so have humans.

32. Worthy Chicks – Humans have been thought of as sacred, and so have chickens.

33. Symbolic Chickens – Chickens have been used as emblems or symbols and so have humans.

34. Chick-en To Me – Humans can hear and so can chickens.

35. Feeling Clucky – Chickens can feel and so can humans.

36. Heads Up – Humans have heads and so do chickens.

37. Run Chicken – Chickens can be sacrificed and so can humans.

38. Art A-chick – Chickens have been painted in art and used in pottery, and so have humans.


Picture: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/general-election-2015/11451648/If-David-Cameron-gets-chased-by-a-man-dressed-as-a-chicken-he-is-in-good-company.html





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