45 Reasons Why Cheetahs Are Similar To Human Beings

Hello all! I’m back from university for a month now so the blogging begins again:

1. Went Out On A Limb – Cheetahs have four limbs and so do humans.

2. Double Vision – Humans have two eyes and so do cheetahs.

3. Nash Nash – Cheetahs have teeth and so do humans.

4. Big Mouth – Humans have a mouth and so do cheetahs.

5. Big Ears – Cheetahs have two ears and so do humans.

6. Big Nose – Humans have a nose and so do cheetahs.

7. Spotty Tongue – Cheetahs have a tongue and so do humans.

8. Run Cheetah Run! – Humans run and so do cheetahs.

9. *Gulp* – Cheetahs have a throat and so do humans.

10. Big Head – Humans have a head and so do cheetahs.

11. Daytime Lover – Cheetahs are mostly active during the day and so are most humans.

12. The Huntsmen – Some humans hunt and so do cheetahs.

13. Baby Cheaters – Cheetahs can have between 1 and 3 babies in a litter and humans can also give birth to these numbers.

14. The Birds And The Bees – Male cheetahs can emit sperm to make babies and so can male humans.

15. Cheetah Evolve! – Cheetahs have evolved and so have humans.

16. Skinny – Humans have skin and so do cheetahs.

17. Cheetah Chests – Cheetahs have chests and so do humans.

18. Waist of Time – Humans have waists and so do cheetahs.

19. Disguises – Cheetahs can camouflage themselves and so can humans.

20. If I Only Had A Heart – Humans have a heart and so do cheetahs.

21. So I Can Breathe – Cheetahs have lungs and so do humans.

22. Oxygenated Animals – Humans breathe in oxygen and so do cheetahs.

23. Kings And Queens – There is a rare mutation of a cheetah that has large black spots, which is called a “King Cheetah”. Therefore a cheetah can be referred to as a king and so can a human.

24. Famille – Cheetahs can have family and so can humans.

25. Textbook Cheetah – Humans have been written about in books and so have cheetahs.

26. Promiscuous Girl – Female cheetahs can have babies with a variety of different males and so can humans.

27. Lone Cheetah – Some cheetahs live alone and so do some humans.

28. Life Skills – The parents of cheetah cubs teach their young valuable skills for later life. Humans also do this with their children.

29. Cheetah In A Fight – Cheetahs can fight with each other and so can humans.

30. My Space – Humans have their own territory and so do cheetahs.

31. Ch-Ch-Ch-Cheetah – Cheetahs can stutter and so can humans.

32. Chirpy Cheetahs – Humans can chirp and so can cheetahs.

33. Growling Cheets – Cheetahs can growl and so can humans.

34. Cheetahs Yowl – Humans can yowl and so can cheetahs.

35. Cheets Moan – Cheetahs can moan and so can humans.

36. Cheet Spit – Humans can spit and so can cheetahs.

37. Cheetahsssssss – Cheetahs can hiss and so can humans.

38. Happy Cheetah – Humans can purr and so can cheetahs.

39. Listen – Cheetahs can hear and so can humans.

40. Meat Ch-eat-tahs – Humans eat meat and so do cheetahs.

41. Stinky – Cheetahs can smell and so can humans.

42. What Is This Feeling? – Humans can feel and so can cheetahs.

43. Tastes Good! – Cheetahs can taste and so can humans.

44. I See The Light – Humans can see and so can cheetahs.

45. Cheetah Model – Cheetahs are painted in pictures and so are humans.


Picture: http://wwf.panda.org/about_our_earth/teacher_resources/best_place_species/current_top_10/cheetah.cfm 



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