11 Reasons Why Chamois Are Similar To Human Beings

1. Limbo – Chamois have four limbs and so do humans.

2. Peek-A-Boo – Humans have two eyes and so do chamois.

3. Sorry? – Chamois have two ears and so do humans.

4. Mouthy – Humans have mouths and so do chamois.

5. Sniffly Sniff – Chamois have a nose and so do humans.

6. Global Domination – Humans live all over the world and so do chamois.

7. Baby, Baby, Baby Ooh! – Chamois give birth to one baby and on rare occasions possibly twins; this could also be said for humans.

8. Care For The Young – If a mother passes away then other chamois may try to raise the young; just like humans would.

9. Fluffy Fur – Chamois have hair and so do humans.

10. Knashers – Humans have teeth and so do chamois.

11. Nap Time – Some chamois rest at midday and so do some humans.


Picture: http://img.nundafoto.net/-/data/gallery/photos/43/13/1693l-chamois-rupicapra-rupicapra.jpg



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