18 Reasons Why Caterpillars Are Similar To Human Beings

1. Furry Larvae – Some caterpillars can be hairy and so can some humans.

2. Fruity – Caterpillars eat fruit and so do humans.

3. Walk This Way – Humans have legs and so do caterpillars.

4. Look At Me – Caterpillars have eyes and so do humans.

5. Bobble Head – Humans have heads and so do caterpillars.

6. Change Is Good – Caterpillars grow and so do humans.

7. Different Surroundings – Humans have adapted to different environments and so have caterpillars.

8. Working On My Tan – Some caterpillars sunbathe and so do some humans.

9. Stink Bug – Some humans can smell bad and so can some caterpillars.

10. Give A Little Whistle – One species of caterpillar, the Walnut Sphinx, can make a whistling sound and so can humans.

11. Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle – Caterpillars can wiggle and so can humans.

12. Blood In The Water – Humans have blood in their bodies and so do caterpillars.

13. Hawaiian Snail Eater – One caterpillar in particular, the Hyposmocoma molluscivora, which lives in Hawaii, eats snails and so do humans.

14. As Smooth As Silk – Humans weave silk and inspiration for this has been taken from the silkworm caterpillar.

15. Blockbuster Caterpillar – Caterpillars have been represented in films and so have humans.

16. Soap Opera Bug – Humans have been depicted in television programmes and so have caterpillars.

17. Book Worm – Caterpillars have been written about in books and so have humans.

18. Illustrious Caterpillar – Humans have been illustrated and so have caterpillars.

“17 Reasons Why Butterflies Are Similar To Human Beings”: https://humanimalsblog.wordpress.com/2014/09/09/17-reasons-why-butterflies-are-similar-to-human-beings/


Picture: https://hat4uk.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/caterpillar.jpg





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