11 Reasons Why Chamois Are Similar To Human Beings

1. Limbo – Chamois have four limbs and so do humans.

2. Peek-A-Boo – Humans have two eyes and so do chamois.

3. Sorry? – Chamois have two ears and so do humans.

4. Mouthy – Humans have mouths and so do chamois.

5. Sniffly Sniff – Chamois have a nose and so do humans.

6. Global Domination – Humans live all over the world and so do chamois.

7. Baby, Baby, Baby Ooh! – Chamois give birth to one baby and on rare occasions possibly twins; this could also be said for humans.

8. Care For The Young – If a mother passes away then other chamois may try to raise the young; just like humans would.

9. Fluffy Fur – Chamois have hair and so do humans.

10. Knashers – Humans have teeth and so do chamois.

11. Nap Time – Some chamois rest at midday and so do some humans.


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18 Reasons Why Caterpillars Are Similar To Human Beings

1. Furry Larvae – Some caterpillars can be hairy and so can some humans.

2. Fruity – Caterpillars eat fruit and so do humans.

3. Walk This Way – Humans have legs and so do caterpillars.

4. Look At Me – Caterpillars have eyes and so do humans.

5. Bobble Head – Humans have heads and so do caterpillars.

6. Change Is Good – Caterpillars grow and so do humans.

7. Different Surroundings – Humans have adapted to different environments and so have caterpillars.

8. Working On My Tan – Some caterpillars sunbathe and so do some humans.

9. Stink Bug – Some humans can smell bad and so can some caterpillars.

10. Give A Little Whistle – One species of caterpillar, the Walnut Sphinx, can make a whistling sound and so can humans.

11. Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle – Caterpillars can wiggle and so can humans.

12. Blood In The Water – Humans have blood in their bodies and so do caterpillars.

13. Hawaiian Snail Eater – One caterpillar in particular, the Hyposmocoma molluscivora, which lives in Hawaii, eats snails and so do humans.

14. As Smooth As Silk – Humans weave silk and inspiration for this has been taken from the silkworm caterpillar.

15. Blockbuster Caterpillar – Caterpillars have been represented in films and so have humans.

16. Soap Opera Bug – Humans have been depicted in television programmes and so have caterpillars.

17. Book Worm – Caterpillars have been written about in books and so have humans.

18. Illustrious Caterpillar – Humans have been illustrated and so have caterpillars.

“17 Reasons Why Butterflies Are Similar To Human Beings”: https://humanimalsblog.wordpress.com/2014/09/09/17-reasons-why-butterflies-are-similar-to-human-beings/


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72 Reasons Why Cats Are Similar To Human Beings

1. Our House – Some cats live in houses and so do some humans.

2. A-mammals – Cats are mammals and so are humans.

3. Deity – Cats were once worshipped as gods and humans can also be worshipped as gods.

4. Rest In Peace – Cats used to be buried with their owners after death in Egyptian times and humans can also be buried after death.

5. Fe-limbs – Cats have four limbs and so do humans.

6. Fe-spines – Humans have spines and so do cats.

7. Cats Eyes – Cats have two eyes and so do humans.

8. Boney Eyed – Humans have eyes sockets and so do cats.

9. Tip Toe – Cats have toes and so do humans.

10. You’re So Nosey – Humans have a nose and so do cats.

11. Bite – Cats have canine teeth and so do humans.

12. Feline Fingers – Cats have five claws on their forepaws and humans have five fingers on each of their hands.

13. Wrists – Cats have wrists and so do humans.

14. Carnivorous Cats – Humans eat meat and so do cats.

15. Clever Cat – Some cats have learnt to use door and toilet handles and humans can use these too.

16. Spectrum Of Sound – Cats can communicate using lots of different sounds and so can humans.

17. Lone Cat – Some cats are independent and so are some humans.

18. Appearance – The posture of cats change with their mood and this can be said for humans also.

19. Trying For A Kitten – A male cat (or tomcat) may not be able to make a female cat (or queen) pregnant, this can also be said for humans.

20. Litter Of Kittens – A cat in a litter can produce between 3 and 6 kittens, this can also be said for humans.

21. Kit Kat – Cats have tongues and so do humans.

22. Hairy Cat – Humans have hair and so do cats.

23. Curiosity Killed The Cat – Cats can go to the toilet in the same ways as humans. (You know what I mean!)

24. Pussycat – Kitten’s play and so do babies.

25. A Cat’s Life Lessons – Kitten’s learn new things and so do babies.

26. Cats Got Their Backs – Cats are not pack animals and they like to do their own thing, which can be said for some humans.

27. Leaving Home – Cats can leave their homes and find their way back again, just like humans can.

28. Seeing The Sights – Humans can recognise their surroundings, just like cats can.

29. Lost In The Wilderness – Cats can also get lost, like humans can.

30. Looking Good – Humans groom themselves and so do cats.

31. Cat Comb – Cats brush their hair and so do humans.

32. Sicky Cat – Humans can vomit and so can cats.

33. Meal-line – Cats eat manufactured food and so do humans.

34. Kitty Kat – Humans can eat organic food and so can cats.

35. Weight-kitties – Cats can eat diet food and so can humans.

36. Cat Sip – Humans drink water and milk and so do cats.

37. Blind – Cats can be blind and so can humans.

38. Fat Cat – Cats can become overweight and so can humans.

39. Cat’s Heart – Humans can have heart problems and so can cats.

40. We All Look Different – There are lots of different types of cats and there are lots of different types of humans.

41. Sulky Cat – Cats can sulk with you and so can humans.

42. Cuddly Cat – Humans cuddle you and so do cats.

43. Licky Kitty – Cats can lick you and so can humans.

44. Feisty Cat – Humans can bite you and so can cats.

45. Cat Scratcher – Cats can scratch you and so can humans.

46. Diva Cat – Humans can be divas and so can cats.

47. Rat Killer – Cats can kill rodents and so can humans.

48. Pest Control – Humans can kill insects and so can cats.

49. Movie Star Kitty – Cats are in films and so are humans.

50. Cats – Humans are in musicals and so are cats.

51. Kitty Cat Channel – Cats are in television programmes and so are humans.

52. The Cat Magazine – Humans are written about in books and so are cats.

53. Birthday Cat – Cats have birthdays and so do humans.

54. Celebrate Good Cats – Cats get given gifts at Christmas, on their birthdays and at Easter, and so do humans.

55. Smelly Cat – Cats can smell and so can humans.

56. Tasty Cat – Humans can taste and so can cats.

57. Felty Cat – Cats can feel and so can humans.

58. Cat Hears – Humans can hear and so can cats.

59. If I Only Had A Brain – Cats have a brain and so do humans.

60. La-La-La-Larynx – Humans have a larynx and so do cats.

61. Endor-felines – Cats release endorphins and so do humans.

62. Catch My Breath – Humans breathe and so do cats.

63. Cough Cough – Cats have throats and so do humans.

64. Gulp – Humans swallow and so do cats.

65. Cat Was Sitting In A Bush And It Just Went Woosh – Cats can get diarrhea and so can humans.

66. Intest-felines – Humans have small intestines and so do cats.

67. Jump, For My Love – Cats can jump and so can humans.

68. Bleeding Your Love – Humans have blood in their bodies and so do cats.

69. Pucker Up Your Lips, Like’a ‘Dis – Cats have lips and so do humans.

70. Unhappy Cat – Humans can have depression and so can cats.

71. Anxious Kitty – Cats can have high anxiety and so can humans.

71. Bed Ridden – Some cats sleep in beds and so do some humans.

72. Kitty Illness – Cats can get leukemia and so can humans.


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13 Reasons Why Cassowary Are Similar To Human Beings

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1. Flightless Bird – Cassowaries are the large birds but unfortunately they cannot fly. Humans can’t fly either.

2. Bipedded Birdy – A cassowary has two legs and so do humans.

3. Look Around – Cassowary have two eyes and so do humans.

4. How Tall Are You? –  The average human being’s height is usually between 5ft and 6ft, this can also be said for the cassowary.

5. Fish In The Water – Cassowary can swim and so can some humans.

6. Crooning – A cassowary can make low sounds to communicate and so can humans.

7. All By Myself – Some cassowary live on their own as do some humans.

8. French Cuisine – Humans eat snails and so do cassowary.

9. Five A Day – Cassowary eat fruit and so do humans.

10. Beep! Beep! – Cars are a big danger to cassowary and this could also be said for humans.

11. Pop Stars – There is a song or two that has been written about cassowaries and there are definitely a few that have been written about humans!

12. Pen To Paper – There are book that have been written about humans, but also, there are books that have been written about cassowaries.

13. Cassow-art-y – Cassowaries have drawings and paintings depicting them, as well as humans having this too.


Picture: http://pensivetoaster.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/courtesy-of-creepyanimals.jpg