20 Reasons Why Bees Are Similar To Human Beings

1. The Waggle Dance – Bees can communicate with others to let them know where food sources are. They wiggle their bodies, in the hive, in order to do this. This is called “the waggle dance”. Humans can also communicate with each other.

2.  Navigational Skills – Bees have the ability to travel to empty food sources and then locate another, which isn’t empty. They are able to do this with information passed on by their brothers and sisters. Humans also have the capacity to communicate this information to each other and find certain areas.

3.  Lost…. Or Not – Bees can work out how to get home from places they have never been to before. Humans can also do this.

4. Siblings – Some humans have brothers and sisters and so do humans.

5. Royalty – Bees have a queen that rules over the hive much like there is a Queen of England.

6. The Main Hub – Hives could be compared to human cities as it is where much of the population live and thrive.

7. Your Purpose – Each bee has its own role in the hive such as; worker bees feeding drones so that they have enough strength for their flights. Humans also have their own unique roles.

8. Marxism – It could be argued that their is a hierarchy in bee hives, much like there is a social hierarchy in humans.

9. Acclimatization – Certain bees have learnt to acclimatize themselves to different environments over generations. Humans have also learnt to do this.

10. Howdy Neighbour! – Humans can be friendly with their neighbours and so can bees.

11. Poorly – Bees can get infections and viruses, much like humans can.

12. Diverse Genes – Bees have genetic diversity and so do humans.

13. Caring For Their Babies – Humans feed their young and so do bees.

14. All Of Us Together – Bees have families and so do humans.

15. Builders – Bees can build and so can humans.

16. Violence Doesn’t Solve Anything – Bees can fight and kill one another and so can humans.

17. Lover Or Loner – Bees can be solitary or live in groups.

18. Getting Stronger – Humans have evolved and so have bees.

19. Split The Load – Bees can divide labour between them and so can humans.

20. Hiber-No-Te – Some bees don’t hibernate and neither do humans.


Picture: http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/environment/wildlife/article3756932.ece


“Life” – BBC Earth


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