15 Reasons Why Black Bears Are Similar To Human Beings

This is the second part of the “bear” section.  

Here are the rest of the instalments: 

1. Om-Nom-Nom-Nivores – Black bears are omnivores and so are humans.

2. Brothers and Sisters – Black bears have a common ancestor much like humans do.

3. Chilly – The black bear is said to have survived the last ice age and so did humans.

4. Got To Get Stronger – Black bears have evolved and so have humans.

5. Dexterity Is Key – Black bears can open jars and unlock door latches and humans can also do this.

6. Run in the Forest, Run – Black bears can run at speeds of 25-30 mph and the average running speed of humans is said to be 27.44 mph.

7. Colour-tastic! – Black bears have been found to be particularly good at visual tasks involving colour, much like humans are.

8. Squares and Triangles – Black bears can learn and very quickly understand the differences between shapes, much like humans can.

9. Up the Tree – Black bears can climb and so can humans.

10. Bearstroke – Black bears can swim and so can humans.

11. Up and At ‘Em – Black bears can be active at any time of day or night and so can humans.

12. This Is My Patch – You could say that humans are territorial of their homes, or land, and black bears are too.

13. DIY – Black bears dig out their own dens and some humans build their own houses.

14. Just Eat It – Black bears can feed at any time and so can humans.

15. Hunters – Black bears have been known to hunt deer and so have humans.

Black Bear

Picture: http://animals.nationalgeographic.com/animals/mammals/black-bear/



14 Reasons Why Brown Bears Are Similar To Human Beings

I have split the whole topic of “bears” into 5 sections because there are so many different species:


The Brown Bear represents the first of these:


1. Salmon-ey Goodness – They hunt and eat salmon and so do humans.

2. Sleep Tight – A den is like a brown bears’ home, which humans can relate to.

3. Omnivore – Brown bears are omnivores and so are humans.

4. Stand On Your Own Two Feet – Brown bears can stand on their two hind legs and so can humans.

5. Evolution – Humans have evolved and so have brown bears; from Ursus etruscus (Wikipedia).

6. Furry – Brown bears have body hair and so do humans.

7.  Dental Issues – Young brown bears lose teeth at an early age and so do humans.

8. X And Y – Male brown bears are larger than female brown bears, which is true for humans (biologically speaking) as well.

9. Animal Farm – Brown bears are solitary creatures, although they may come together at a large source of food and this means that they create a social hierarchy based on their ages and sizes. Humans also create social hierarchy and possibly because of the same reasons.

10. Rock-a-Bye Baby – Female brown bears will hum or bleat when they are communicating with their cubs, much like humans communicate with sound.

11. Adopting – Female brown  bears have been known to adopt stray cubs and humans also adopt.

12.  Generations – Young brown bears are taught how to find food, where is best place to live and how to defend themselves, these techniques are also passed down by human mothers to their children.

13. Throw The Line – Brown bears fish and so do humans.

14. Litera-ally Famous – Brown bears are featured in literature such as “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” and so are humans.

Brown Bear

Picture: http://www.imgion.com/brown-bear-showing-his-teeth/


25 Reasons Why Bats Are Similar To Human Beings

So I didn’t realise how many species of bat there were, which is why this post has taken a bit longer than usual.
To make it a bit simpler, there are two main species of bat; “Microbats” and “Megabats”. Here are there differences:
  • Most Microbats use echolocation and Megabats do not.
  • Microbats have one claw less than Megabats do.
  • Microbat ears are different to Megabat ears.
  • Microbats don’t have any underfur.

Conclusively I have found that Megabats show more similarities to humans than Microbats do. Some of these bullet points will touch on different species of bat or bats collectively as a whole.

1. Eating – Fruit bats (which are a type of Megabat) eat fruit, such as mangoes, insects, fish, frogs, small mammals and some small vertebrates, which is the same as humans.

2. Mammalions –  Bats are mammals and so are humans.

3. Hearing – Bats have two ears and so do humans.

4. Seeing – Humans have two eyes and so do bats.

5. Smelling – Bats have noses and can smell. Humans have that and can do that too.

6. Tasting – Humans have teeth and a tongue in their mouths and so do bats.

7. Swinging – Bats have two arms and humans do too.

8. Hanging – Humans have two legs and so do bats.

9. Hairy Honey – Bats have body hair and so do humans.

10. I Think I Need A Lie Down – Humans get tired after long journeys and so do bats.

11. Humble Abode – Much like humans have houses, or their own homes, bats have their own patch of forest that they live in and they sleep in their “roosts”.

12. Echo-echo-echo-echo-echo – Megabats cannot use echolocation and neither can humans.

13. Adam and Eve – Both Microbats and Megabats have been thought to have descended from the same common ancestor, or that they are “monophyletic”, and this is the same for humans.

14. The Flying Primate Theory – There is a theory that Megabats have brains and bodies that show closer relation to primates than microbats, and that the former species of bat formed a sister group of primates, this is called the “flying primate theory”.
Although more recently this theory was rejected as the DNA of bats and primates were compared.

This fact compares bats to humans as we are similar to apes or primates shown in this post:


15.  World Domination – Bats are found in almost every habitat available on Earth, as are humans.

16. Should’ve Gone to Specsavers – Microbats can’t see very well but they can still see, some humans can also see.

17. Did Go to Specsavers – Megabats can see just as well as humans can, if not better, and they have some colour vision.

18. Senses –  Bats have an acute sense of hearing and an incredible sense of smell, these are senses that humans have.

19.  We Go Together, Or Not – Some humans lead solitary lives and others live together, this can be compared to the way that bats live their lives.

20. Can You Hear Me Now? – Bats use sound to communicate with others and humans do the same.

21. Baby Mine – Female bats generally have one offspring at a time, like humans do.

22. Grow Up Big and Strong – Female bats look after their young until they are nearly adult size, like humans.

23. Baby Food – Newborn bats rely on milk from their mothers like human babies do.

24. Appearance Is Everything – Bats groom themselves and so do some humans.

25. Hydration – Bats drink water and humans do too.



Picture: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/road-and-rail-transport/8806401/Rare-bat-could-endanger-high-speed-rail-plans-warns-Government-adviser.html


6 Reasons Why A Barracuda Is Similar To A Human Being

1. My What Big Teeth You Have – Barracuda have large, sharp teeth as do humans in a way.

2. Big Head – Barracuda have large pointed heads and humans also have a head.

3. I See You.. – Barracuda have two eyes, as do humans.

4. I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends – Adult barracuda grow up and become solitary as they begin to learn how to look after themselves. Although, young barracuda stick together in groups. This could be compared to our education system and how humans become increasingly independent as we get older.

5. Bets Gallore! – Barracuda are said to be a competitive species and I feel that we can compare this to humans. We gamble and bet as well as getting into fights sometimes.

6. Yum… Fish – Humans eat some of the same fish that barracudas do, such as; small tuna and anchovies.


Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 11.35.54

Picture: http://www.coloradoflyfishingreports.com/co-fly-fishing-blog/dr-slick-long-nose-pliers/


6 Reasons Why A Badger Is Similar To A Human Being

1. Feel Good Food – Badgers are omnivores, much like humans are. Although we do have the odd vegetarian or vegan. Badgers eat lots of different foods that we humans also like to get our teeth into such as; insects, grubs, eggs, roots, fruit, lamb, chicken, rabbit and honey.

2. Sorry… What was that? – Badgers have small ears compared to the rest of their body which humans can also compare to.

3. Home Sweet Home – Badgers have lovely warm homes called setts where they like to live. Humans also have homes where we like to live.

4. Lone Wolf or Pack Wolf? – Some badgers like to live alone and some like to live in groups called clans or cetes. The size of this group can vary between 5 and 12. Humans also sometimes live alone or in groups.

5. That’s My Tipple – Badgers have been known to get drunk by eating rotting fruit. Now humans can also get drunk, very drunk…

6. J. K. Forever – Last but not least is the sixth reason why humans are like badgers. J. K. Rowling states in the Harry Potter series that she has chosen the badger as a symbol for the Hufflepuff house because “it lives quietly until attacked, but which, when provoked, can fight off animals much larger than itself.”

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 18.14.54

Picture: http://cuteoverload.com/2009/04/07/badger-badger-badger-i-cant-stop-saying-badger-badger-badger/